Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Ghostface might leave the game!!!

I can't sympathize for "the kid". Ghost has been putting out crazy albums for a minute but his shit doesn't sell, download era or not. Jay had 425,000 in his first week, is he crying about his album sales??? Or better yet Little Brother; what does Phonte say? "More press than soundscan" but is he crying in his blogs?, NO!, he is giving you download links for his album!!! I do understand how frustrating it can be to work hard on a project and not receive any sales, but music, especially rap, is in a new era now. Jay-Z used the film American Gangster to promote his album, LB used the Getback campaign and sold thousands of "Getback Little Brother" t-shirts (I just bought my Getback hoodie for the winter solstice last night) and showed love back to their fans by putting their fans pics on their MySpace. Rappers can't just "release" an album nowadays and expect the shit to sell, you need some kind of hype to get people to want to spend their money on your music. Take Weezy; I can't count how many Carter 3 advances I've seen in the past 2 years, but you know when his shit drops mad people will buy it and mad people will download it.



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I've been wondering why Wu-Tang has been so stuck on hitting, when really their years are long gone. If anything, they something of a cult rap group that has its stans and will always represent an era of NY hip hop. Chill Ghost... nobody cares about you.

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