Monday, June 09, 2008

Esperanza Spalding

I first heard of Esperanza Spalding when I saw her listed on the line-up for The Roots Picnic, which was held this last Saturday in Philadelphia (see ?uestlove OkayPlayer introduction). I then saw her incredible performance of her first single "Precious," on my Late Show with David Letterman. Esperanza is a gifted bassist, vocalist and composer and her name means "hope" in Spanish. Her sound is in the similar to that of Norah Jones, but she pushes the envelope at the same time and her voice is of Corrine Bailey Rae, but stronger and more pure. I'm really becoming a fan of hers as I find more material by her on her MySpace. Also check out her interview on NPR's All Things Considered. Her self titled album, Esperanza, is in stores now.

Watch Letterman gush over Esparanza in the clip of her Late Show performance.
"Oh my gosh, that was wonderful. You were absolutely right Paul. The coolest person we've ever had on the show. Beautiful!"
Precious - Esperanza Spalding


Blogger Amina said...

yea, she is very talented. I'm glad that you put her on your blog. I will definitely be checking out some of her music.

6:39 PM  

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