Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Phonte delivers fire

Phonte as NC Central student

Backstage Girl - DJ Shadow feat. Phonte (of Little Brother)

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CREDIT:Honorable Media

Jay-Z did it with Lenny Kravitz... twice. Lil Wayne did it with Robin Thicke more recently with Shooter and now Phonte, of underground king Little Brother, has his own flow over an electric guitar filled track. Phonte has established himself as the best rapper America doesn't know about (thank you BET) and this record documenting groupie love of "insignificant others" simply reinforces his position. DJ Shadow took a break from the Cali hyphy movement on this one, and the end result is simply masterful.
"She approached me with a smirk, that said we can do work, no matter what time of day of the week it is. / So thorough that backstage girl, she'll fall to her knees just to pray on your weaknesses."


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