Tuesday, March 13, 2007

mad decent worldwide radio #13 - team mad deadly

Just a quick overview of mad decent worldwide radio-

Mad Decent is an up and coming record label from, producer/DJ, Diplo. As for the worldwide radio, Diplo issues a monthly mix of an artist(s) that he is currently feeling at the time. Past mixes feature music from places around the world such as France, Baltimore (Club), New Orleans (Bounce), Brasil (Baile Funk), the D.R., P.R., and others. So it's not your normal 9 o'clock radio mix, but Diplo doesn't leave anybody out with his mixes.

From Mad Decent

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
" here i am in darwin, the metropolis of the bush big day out is finished.. after a few mad shows and afterparties, and solo shows and trips to the bush to do some demos i’m nearly on my way home.. things i’ve seen here are completely mad... you dont want to battle team mad decent/deadly in footie- just a heads up. im gong to lay down mad decent bush workshop stuff real soon too, it ws some serious things going down in the outback.. special thanks to nina, levins, justice, busy p, bbc and paserock, evet jean , opulent and pennydrop, music NT, kids from manigrida, hot chip, and peaches.... hollaback! . in the meantime I threw down a quick live mix I did for triple j , - next episode from south africa"
- Diplo

mad decent worldwide radio #13 - team mad deadly

Track List

sizzla- mad decent intro
body rox dub
tell me when to go
aphex twin and khia
martin bros
mr catra - vem todo mundo
crookers - aguas de parco
mc duda do borel - crozy todo diplo
novinha - bejioquera crazy dub
grandmaster rafeal - old west
sabrina - smoking in jacare song
dj wally - this a tamberzao
roletronix - tira kamiza dub
bonde do role - gasolina - lgk remix
deize tigrona / roletronix - injecao
css - alala - BDR remix
fergie - fergalicious
krames - t to the a
boogie down bottle nose dolphins - the chills (hollertronix)
boogie down bottle nose dolphins - you used to.......
blaqstarr - supastarr
diplo - diplo your head
basement jaxx - i want you you (solid groove and sinden mix mash yer head up on the wall mix)
cajuan - raven
trina - told yall
portishead - glorybox
young sitar folks
heaps dead crew- smash a kangaroo



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