Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lil Wayne apologizes to Jay-Z

In the latest issue of XXL, Lil Wayne gives an honest interview on his why his flow flipped after 500 Degreez, the now forgotten claims of Gille Da Kid, and his controversial interview with Complex Magazine.

You caused a bit of controversy a few months back when you were quoted in Complex magazine saying that you’re better than Jay-Z. How’d you go from “best rapper alive, since the best rapper retired” to being better than him?
I’m glad you brought that up, ’cause I wanna apologize to Jay and his family and friends, because I was asked that question and they put it in there like I was just feeling like, “Oh, you know what, n---a? I’m better than Jay!” They came at me like, “So you say you’re the best. Can you say that you’re better than everybody? Would you say you’re better than Jay?” I was like, “Yeah, n---a, I’m better than everybody!” But I’d like to throw that apology out there ’cause of whatever trouble I caused, I ain’t want that to happen.

I know Weezy doesn't expect us to believe that his flow changed simply because of the shake up within Cash Money, but it is true that his LP's immediately held serious weight following the departure of B.G. and Juvenile. I'm glad he threw out this apology to Jay however. Often times reporters contruct a question in a way that if you agree, they are able to basically put words in your mouth. I never thought Weezy was dissin Jay, and I think he was smart to put it out there that he isn't singling out Hov, just making a blanket statement that he is the best. Take it for what it's worth.


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