Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Scarlet Seduction - 2.9.07

Chapel Hill
The Scarlet Seduction, hosted by Ryan Shaffer & Christina Moss of CEO Marketing
10 PM-3 AM
The White Bar & Lounge at 136 E. Rosemary St.

Chapel Hill has never seen anything like this...

The Scarlet Seduction
is an exclusive event for the mature college crowd. CEO Marketing has already thrown the largest, most successful party at the White Bar with the Fly Affair, and they are back to do it again. With Valentine's Day coming up and love in the air, it is time to put on your best attire and come mingle with the best of the best. This is a "grown & sexy" event and the dress code will be strictly enforced. No athletic wear allowed. Dress jeans are acceptable for guys (no sneakers or Timbs) and ladies keep it classy but sexy. Please remember we have the right to refuse entry. WEAR SOMETHING RED!

, but we would like to see a club full of different shades of scarlet. Pinks, Light Reds, Ruby Reds, Burgundys, Maroons... be creative. A belt, shoes, a tie, a blazer, etc. We will not turn you away if you have on nothing red but celebrate the season!

-Fully Stocked Bar
-Professional Photos by Acoetry
-Smooth Music by DJ Sean NYCE
-Coat Check Available
-CALLING ALL GREEKS: Alphas, Nupes, Ques, Sigmas, AKA's, Deltas, SG Rho's, Zetas....and maybe even the Iotas

-VIP Packages on Sale Now for a party of five get them while they still last it includes no wait in line entry and a bottle of Moet for $185 Ladies come get in quick and start poppin bottles
Call Ricardo White at 919 824-9209 to purchase yours today



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