Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back like I left somethin'

Gotta apologize for the long break. Definitely had a good vacation and got some much needed sleep. Hope everybody's been checking Honorable Media because they have definitely been steppin their game up in not just covering music, but hip hop culture period. But we back. I'd like to say props to DiBiase who definitely was up on his game when he featured Amy Winehouse weeks back, who is now on the SOHH Soulful Top 5. Can't say we didn't tell ya.

I'm gonna be in Greensboro to celebrate my boy's birthday, but here is your party fix. Please don't end up sittin at home and hearin about these parties on Tuesday. That's definitely not good business.

Chapel Hill

1st Big Party In 07, hosted by Kappa Alpha Psi (UNC)
10 PM-2:30 AM
Visionz Night Club at 136 E. Rosemary Street


The New College Night, hosted by Omega Psi Phi (NCCU)
10 PM-3 AM
The Varsity Ale House at 3019 Auto Drive


High Maintenance, hosted by NxLevel
10 PM-3 AM
Jabs Ultra Bar on Lee Street


Friday Night Live-Back To School Party and Rich Boy Concert, hosted by Show Stoppaz
10 PM-3 AM
Club Xscape at 7112 Sandy Forks Road


Bring It Back, hosted by Phi Beta Sigma (Duke)
10 PM-2 AM
Great Hall on the campus of Duke University (next to Chapel)


Blogger DiBiase said...

Howd yall come to Atlanta and not tell anybody? haha What clubs did yall end up hittin up?

Thanks for the props on the Winehouse and good luck @ the Battle in the Dome.

9:33 PM  

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