Friday, November 17, 2006

Jay-Z takes shot back at Jim Jones

A day after Soundscan put Jim Jones' Hustler's P.O.M.E at 96,000 units sold, Jay-Z had this to say: "What? A little punk-ass buck? That’s ballin’? Well, I guess men lie women lie. It’s over for that ballin’. It’s my turn.” The Dipset capo has been talkin real greasy as of late, even putting up promotional posters for his new album which read, "WHO IS JIM JONES? ASK JAY-Z" and as much as Jay has tried to turn the other cheek its obvious the Harlem boys are working his nerve. On his new album, Kingdom Come Jay comes back at Cam'ron on his track "Dig A Hole" offering this: "Hov gon get you, I ain't forget your little disrespect / no, Hov daddy gon spank you for that shit you said / it's hard to do when you got nothing to prove / everybody know you better you in a lose,lose / cause even when you win, ultimately you lose / real n-ggas like why Hov talking to dude / you sellin low too, only time you went plat/my chain was around your neck, that's an actual fact."
Now with "Brooklyn High" Jay comes mean over Jones' "We Stay Fly" instrumental. "We chase n-ggas around, they own ball game (Rucker) / Ball game n-gga! Its over for you lames / Give me back the chain, its over for you DAMEs"


Brooklyn High (Jim Jones Diss) - Jay-Z
Props to HM for this one


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