Saturday, September 09, 2006

Recent Lil Wayne tracks

Make It Rain - Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne

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Hopefully this track is new to you, though it's been out for a lil while. Fat Joe and Weezy just finished taping the video, and it will be Joey Crack's first single off his new album Me, Myself, and I due to release on November 14. The production is by the genius Scott Storch, and yes that is Wayne sittin on a pallet of money. Who said Cash Money was dead?

Run It - Ransom feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross

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Never heard of Ransom, but this production is rediculous. Anyone paired with Wayne looks a lil slow and weak, and Ransom just doesn't cut it.

Ridin - Mack Maine feat. Lil Wayne

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Young Money representative, Mack Maine lays down a crazy hook. His verse is solid, but I've always thought Curren$y was the most talented member of YM (aside from the Best Rapper Alive, of course). This track reminds me of old school Cash Money, with the bouncin beat and the hand claps.

Let me know how you feel about these tracks...


Anonymous Alex said...

My Review's

Make It Rain - Fat Joe feat. Lil Wayne
Wasnt really feelin this track, mainly the production, also for the first single off an album this was a bad choice, just doesnt have an "It" factor or club appeal. I dont understand why Joe is tryin to ride the Souths coat tail when he is really the only rapper representin the Boogie Down..Khaled should be following Joe not the other way around.

Run It - Ransom feat. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross
I like how Wayne got straight into his verse when the track came on dont here that too much anymore. I agree with you that Ricky couldnt keep up with Wayne. Beat is too crowded to me though.

Ridin - Mack Maine feat. Lil Wayne
Hello acronyms, like em though, liked the hook too. I liked the break down when the claps came in aside from that the lyrics are tired nothing new.

7:56 PM  
Blogger thehaytidream said...

I noticed the same thing on "Make It Rain"... Fat Joe has always been a Dirty South bandwagon rider, remember "Lean Back (Remix)"? I feel you on him bein the only outta the Bronx, but really, NY is full of rappers 10 times better than him.

2:31 PM  
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