Friday, August 11, 2006

Legend returns

Save Room - John Legend

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The Legend is back. John Legend played UNC's homecoming in the fall of 2004, around the same time his first single, Used To Love U was dropping. At the time, he told us we were the largest crowd (about 500) he had ever played for on his own, as a solo act.

Fast forward two years -- Legend is hailed as the heir to Stevie Wonder, with one classic album, Get Lifted, already under his belt. Instead of small homecoming crowds, his recent performances include Super Bowl XL (with Wonder), the 2006 NBA All-Star game, and the 2006 MLB All-Star Game. And still, his first single off of his sophomore effort displays yet another side of his musical identity.

Save Room is good, no doubt, but it is different. His voice is somewhat mellow and a little raspy, but his abilities are still on display. The track itself has a blues feel, instead of R&B, but it works. Check it for yourself, and leave some comments on your thoughts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Save Room has been my favorite R&B/Pop song song of the moment. It has such a good vibe to it and you can tell Legend is going for a blues/alternative/rock/r&b feel (think: john mayer) to get that MTV money. "Save Room" has been a pleasant surprise.

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