Saturday, August 12, 2006

Go-Go royalty coming to NC

So I've been in Washington DC all summer, and though I listened to and actually liked some go-go music before I got here, I never realized how serious this music was to the people of the DC metro area. My freshman year, the Backyard Band performed at Metrosport in Durham, so it's not rare for these bands to come down to NC, and if you are open minded and want to have a good time, you've got to check out a go-go concert.

Dig Dug - Wale

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1 Thing About A Playa - Wale

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We were up in Platinum club on my first Sunday up here when I heard these two tracks, both by an artist named Wale (pronounced: Wah - lay). I'd never heard of this dude, but the ENTIRE club went crazy and knew every single word to these tracks. I swear they were in some sort of trance jammin to these songs, and you can't help but feed off some of that energy when it's hype like that. When Wale actually performed live at Platinum later in the summer, the place was packed and the line around the corner.

A few weeks ago, I got word from my boy Chris at NC A&T, that both the Backyard Band and Wale will be in Greensboro performing at the Dynacon Event Center on 2100 E. Wendover Ave on August 26. Backyard are DC legends (check Thug Passion) so you definitely won't be disappointed, but you got to check this joint out if you looking to groove to some Chocolate City flavor. Check the flyer above for the details and let me know in the comments how you feel about Wale.

Oh yeah. Big props to the folks over at Honorable Media. They definitely ahead of the game, and even let ya boy offer some words on the latest Diddy track. Check em out.


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