Saturday, September 23, 2006

He's baaaaaack

Hey everyone! I'm starting to get the idea that I'm the one who's going to be making all the posts about things not going on in the Triangle area but I have no problem with taking on that role. Sorry for not having an update in a hot minute. School is of course getting crazier and crazier so its a little hard to post but trust when something this monumental happens, I can't help but write about it. I'm sure you all have heard about Hov coming back from the worst retirement in history to be releasing a new album this November entitled "Kingdom Come". Now lets all release a collective sigh of relief. I don't know about you, but over the past year or so I've been becoming more and more worried about the status of the hip hop and hopefully he has come back to resurrect it. Ok so here's everything I know about this album. The first single, "Show Me What You Got," will be out in October and Jay has just finished shooting the video in Monaco with, of course, Hype Williams (see picture above). The album's got a list of hot producers including the Neptunes, Timbaland (Who did an amazing job with the Justin Timberlake album. Get it if you haven't.), Kanye West, Dre and Chris Martin from Coldplay (?) Yea, we'll see how that one works out. I personally hope he doesn't have any features with any other rappers on this album but there's no conformation on that. I know some of you are hoping for a Jay and Nas track but to me this whole "we're best friends now" thing is getting a little corny. ALSO, word on the street is that Jay has been fired as President of Def Jam. I have heard this from various sources but its all been word of mouth and has not been reported yet. If it is reported, you can bet it will be reported as Jay having "stepped down" as President. It wouldn't look good for a label to fire their President who also happened to be one of their artists now would it?


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