Saturday, September 30, 2006

First peek at 9th Wonder's 'Dream Merchant'

Having already served up two 9th Wonder produced tracks this week, I had second thoughts on back-to-back 9th Wonder posts... then I remembered that this is 9th Wonder, NCCU's own and the man who has single handedly dominated underground hip-hop the last 5 years.

Brooklyn On My Mind (Crooklyn Dodgers 3) - 9th Wonder feat. Mos Def, Jean Grae & Memphis Bleek

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Good look Beauty. This is the third 'Crooklyn Dodgers' (first was lead single for Spike Lee's Crooklyn and second was put it out 1995 and produced by DJ Premier) and though I haven't heard the first two, the third one is BLAZING. I know everybody has heard of Mos and Memph, but for those who haven't really kept an ear to the streets, check out Jean Grae. She has done some extensive work with 9th previously, and is signed to Mos' BLACKSMITH label. Don't really think there is a female rapper today who is on her level... yeah, she's that nice. I love how Memph is working more and more with 9th these days. He will forever live in Jay-Z's shadow, ("as long as I'm [Jay-Z] alive, he's [Bleek] a millionaire") but he's starting to take on a different identity working with the backpackers. 9th Wonder, Mos Def, Jean Grae... and Memphis Bleek? Definitely not a bad look for him, and I hope he runs with it.

One Night Stand - Lloyd Banks (prod. by 9th Wonder)

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Good look Honorable. Surprised to see G-Unit and 9th Wonder hooking up, but I can never fault anyone for trying a new sound. Like my boy said, "I can’t think of a 9th Wonder beat that I didnt like." Too true. Enjoy and let me know how y'all feel bout these in the comments.


Anonymous Alex said...

Brooklyn On My Mind (Crooklyn Dodgers 3) - 9th Wonder feat. Mos Def, Jean Grae & Memphis Bleek

Alrite track, dont really care for the cuts by 9th, i instantly thought of Premier when i heard the hook being chopped up but decent track! As for Jean Grae still trying to decide, when it comes to females in HIP HOP (not Remy Ma) i always get the Floetry feel from them and it tends to all sound the same. One female MC who i have been impressed with,outside of hip hop, is this chick Amanda Blank from philly, shes part of this whole Baltimore Club Music revival up north. When it comes to B-more music its not really about lyrics but more about just up tempo, hard bass,nasty lyrics, and just giving something people to dance to so i cant really compare Jean and Amanda but when it comes to flows, Amanda is the best of heard.
Check out this sample from a song called "Blow"
(Amanda comes in at about the 1:04 mark)

One Night Stand - Lloyd Banks (prod. by 9th Wonder)


1:57 PM  
Blogger thehaytidream said...

There is a lack of females in HIP HOP, period. I like this chick Amanda Blank, but after hearing what Jean Grae can do over 9th's beats, I just don't see anybody on her level. But like you said, their styles are different. Grae is on that old school New York feel of 9th, while this chick Blank is Bmore Club.

5:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First and foremost, spotted your comment on Honorable's page about the Jay reply to Jimmy. Good point...

That Crooklyn joint is FIRE! Bleek needs to do an album with all 9th beats...Maybe he'll become relevant again.

Like you, Imma fan of 9th (and LB)...Can't wait for this album to drop.

Check out a couple 9th related posts when you have time:

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8:55 AM  
Anonymous LeeMo said...

Unfortunantly I couldn't hear the two tracks up, but I had the opportunity to hear "Sunday" and a few other things on 9th's myspace page. I, by far, am the biggest 9th wonder fan. I have chased after everything he has done, and now, I must say that this guy is coming into another era of producing. It's almost like I want to know what he is thinking when comes up with this stuff. I can't wait until his album drops. He's #1 on my altime favorite list...Forever.


P.S. I have to disagree on one thing. I love 9th to death, but I heard one beat I didn't like and it is on the kayze` "spirit of 94" album.

7:40 AM  

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