Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ghost Is Back with More Fish

But before the meal let me introduce myself. I'm not going to give a bio or anything but I'm a DJ here in Atlanta by the name of DiBiase ( like Ted ), who just has a love for music and exposing new tracks/artist to people.

Ghost is back with that Peruvian White for the second time this year at the request of Def Jam. After listening to this album I have to say this is the best that Pretty Toney has been since Clientele. I selected two tracks that stood out to me to share.

Josephine- Ghostface ft. Trife Da God & The Willie Cottrell Band

Josephine was produced by Hi-Tek and features The Willie Cottrell Band, who were used extensively on Hi-Tek's latest album. Take a listen to this story.

You Know I'm No Good- Ghostface ft. Amy Winehouse

When I first heard this track I wondered " who is that singer they sampled?". So after a little research I found out that singer was 23 year old Amy Winehouse from England. She might be an alcoholic but she has an amazing and very mature voice for her age, takes you back to that Detroit sound. Check out her video "You Know I'm No Good". But the person we should be thanking for this fusion is British born DJ/Producer Mark Ronson. Oh yeah I almost forgot about Ghost, well.. another story is told.


Blogger thehaytidream said...

Yeah, these were two tracks I was feelin myself along with Ghostface and Raekwon on "Never Be The Same (9th Wonder Remix)". I though 9th tore this track up and definitely showed he can get down wit RZA any day on the production of the Clan.

Also, did anybody notice Jay speaking on Ghostface on that Fish-N-Chips? Wonder how he feels about those boys since Rae's "fuck Jigga" campaign started...

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