Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Amanda Who?

Amanda Blank, 23, is unlike any female rapper in the game today . From her lyrics about how her pussy taste to her unique style, she is an alternative to the swagger jacker's of todays rap game. So where was this chick created?.... Philadelphia

In major cities across the states, especailly NYC and Philly, and even here in Atlanta, there is an underground movement of "rap hipsters", that are starting there own style of hip-hop. It's not about the death of hip-hop or going dumb, it's more about just having a good ass time. Is there anything wrong with that? Well some people think there is....
"They're too gimmicky"
"They are just white kids who are scared to go into black clubs"
"They like rap cause it's trendy in the city"
(If you want local opinions from folks in Philly read this thread from

Personally, I respect them for doing what they want to do. Today people are putting too many rules on what's "cool" and what's not. 5 years ago if someone wore a purple and pink BAPE hoodie people would be really confused, but now Weezy and the Clipse rock em, they are the shit? but thats just how it works.
(Here are some flix of what's going down in Atlanta courtesy of TMS, previous pics courtesy of Oxy Cottontail)

But back to the subject, when I first heard Amanda over the summer, on the song "Blow", I was blown away. She was like the female Twista but you could actually understand what she saying. But as for gaining as much fame as Twista, that's where some doubts come up. Don't forget, this is strictly CLUB music (Baltimore, Ghettotech, Party Rap), and with the current target rap audience being middle schoolers you won't catch "Put That Pussy on Me" on the radio anytime soon, but the thing is mainstream attention isn't the goal here.

I've only heard Amanda on a hand-full of tra
cks, and none of them have been solo's. She's usually tag teaming with Spank Rock, who I really don't care for, but I'm hoping to hear some solo stuff from her by the summer. Until then I have 3 tracks that you should check out that feature Ms. Blank.

Blow- Spank Rock ft. Amanda Blank

Bump- Spank Rock ft. Amanda Blank

Crambodia- Plastic Little ft. Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, & Ghostface


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