Monday, April 23, 2007

Video: Stop Snitchin' on "60 Minutes"

Stop Snitchin' - 60 Minutes
Part 1

Part 2


Blogger DiBiase said...

whats your take

8:25 PM  
Blogger thehaytidream said...

I feel him. Although I don't think Cam is the best spokesperson of the streets, I watched an interview with Dead Prez's M-1 on Fox News the other day and like he said, it's the code of the streets. People act like this is some new thing... but nobody likes a snitch. There are people all through the Bush administration who don't expose the president for who he is. Also, if something happens in the hood, and it's not right... please believe the hood will make it right. If there's a serial killer in 4-E or whatever Cam said, somebody is gonna take that dude down.

12:01 PM  

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