Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bushonomics - Cornel West feat. Talib Kweli

Dr. Cornel West will be releasing his album Never Forget: A Journey of Revelations on August 14th, and the tracklist is rediculous with verses coming from Andre 3000, Killer Mike, Black Thought, KRS-One, Malik Yosef, Prince and more. I've never heard Dr. West on a hip-hop track, but I like this joint he did with Talib. As he told, "This is an attempt to go back to hip-hop’s prophetic roots, which are about truth-telling, exposing lies and having fun. It’s what I call a danceable education or a singing paideia, the Greek word for deep education."

Bushonomics - Dr. Cornel West feat. Talib Kweli

He's got some impressive names featured on his album but I'm a little disappointed he didn't get Lupe "Cornel Westside, Chi-Town Guevara" Fiasco, who Dr. West actually is a big fan of. "I’ve never met Lupe Fiasco, but I like that brother. Oh, lord, he’s a free, young brother who honestly speaks his mind. That brother hits American terrorism, the American empire and still talks about his skateboard. I love that kind of freedom because, in the end, we’ve all go to be ourselves and that takes courage."

For more, check out Dr. West's June 27th interview on NPR.


Anonymous Dr. Lewis T. Tait, Jr. said...

Dr. West's CD is an education to beats that reach the head and heart. This CD is a must for anyone who is interested in truth and freeing the mind of an Americanized mis-education about self and surroundings. You may have some trouble finding it, because it seems as if stores are not stocking it and radio stations are not playing it. This is how the American empire works its propaganda machine. Go and purchase the CD for yourself and your children. It is paideia, a dancing education in "hip-hop" style.

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