Friday, March 21, 2008

AC3 Hip-Hop Festival: Day One

Day one is in the books! This is gonna be pretty quick cause I got to get to work. Was really a great night, I was able to get backstage with my boys DJ Singh, DJ Wreckineyez and the MC of night Kaos, and watched the first performer of night...Waleeee!!! It was pretty sad because people where still filing in and out so maybe only 150 people saw him perform with a live go-go band. The band was on point, but they didn't hit with the crowd, which was mostly white kids between 16 and 21. I felt like Rosenberg at that GZA concert (see Juan Eps). During Wale's show he went in and out of his songs and Go-Go classics that the crowd didn't know. I enjoyed it but a lot of people where confused. I missed Jeru's performance, had a little networking to do, but I did met a really cool dude, Supastition, whos performing Friday night with my boy Wreck on the turntables.

While I was backstage after Jeru's set, I saw a pack of big dude's and Joe Scudda roll in by me so I knew it was about to be on! Phonte seemed to be a little under the weather when he passed but you would of never of guessed it with his performance. I went out into the crowd to catch LB for the first time since '06. I had the best time watching them do their thing, they are indeed the best rap group I've seen live. From DJ Flash in the back switchin it up to D-Brock doing double duties as singer/hype man. It was great seeing all of the Getback material live. When"That Ain't Love" came on IT WAS A WRAP FOR ME!!!!

Stay tuned for Day 2 tommorrow...Juice Crew, B.O.B, Hollyweerd and more!!!

*My camera died, of course, but I'll have pics and vids for the next two days



Blogger thehaytidream said...

I've seen LB in concert three times... and yeah. So much energy you can't help but love it.

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