Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Lord - Murs & 9th Wonder

Yes yes y'all... I never really listened to MURS until this summer when I went back and started checkin out his work with 9th Wonder like Murs 3:16 and Murray's Revenge. Literally it's some of the best work that 9th has done and their styles compliment one another somethin crazy. Check out their newest mixtape below.

Sweet Lord - MURS & 9th Wonder
01. The Intro
02. Are you ready?
03. Nina Ross
04. Free
05. And I Love It
06. Pusshhhhhh
07. It’s For Real
08. Marry Me
09. Love the Way
10. Murs Inatra



Blogger DiBiase said...

Been listening to this since it droped this past week.

"Say brother you gonna have to keep that down"
(From the intro)

Love all the music that 9th and MURS has made together and this one is another classic.

And its all clean too! And it ain't on some gospel shit!

5:18 PM  

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