Friday, August 10, 2007

Crankin' It Back Down South

Soulja Boy - Crank Dat
Today is my last day in New York City, and I got to say that after spending a full summer here, I saw almost every stereotype I had heard about this city proved wrong. I'll remember the amazing people on my block in Brooklyn, living without AC during one of the hottest summers on record, the corner store filled with dudes watching the Yankees games every night and the crazy clubs in Manhattan. Some of the life up here is straight out of a movie... like little kids playing in the water from fire hydrants or the block parties which go long into the night, but there are also parts of this city I didn't even know existed. This city accepts everyone, and that is definitely refreshing... you could be a goth white kid or a hood country boy and people will treat you the same.

I also loved the fact that people up here get down with GOOD music. There is definitely a lot of hatin on the South, but that's to be expected. Aside from that, people love groups like a Little Brother and concerts for acts like Mos Def or The Roots are sold out EARLY. They give props where props is due. The fact they hate to love Lil Wayne up here is too funny, because it made my debates with random dudes so easy. How can you tell me he's lame when he sells out every venue up here and throws down at Summer Jam? New York has lost its grip on hip hop, giving it up to the South and Chicago and though some can't handle it others embrace the evolution in music.

But it's back to the South where I'm gonna be "Crankin Dat Soulja Boy" (now watch me DOOOOO!) throughout my senior year. It would be a good look to check us out on August 24th for 3: The Hard Way, the biggest back-to-school event in the area. It's gonna be one to remember.

Lastly, please believe, as soon as I leave RDU I'm headin to Bojangle's to cop a 4-Piece Supreme Dinner (with fries, sweet tea and honey mustard). Bull City, I'm back!


Blogger DiBiase said...

Song for the summer right there. They wont even play that shit in the club b/c ppl get too active. Glad to see young ppl doing there thing w/o Jermaine Dupri all up in the video

8:06 AM  
Blogger thehaytidream said...

You ain't neva lied... I've never seen people learn an ENTIRE dance like they do with this track. Best thing is that is not just one move like the "lean wit it" or the "pool palace". It's a damn MOVEMENT! lol

2:18 PM  

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