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Behind the Boards with 9th Wonder

I wasn't originally gonna go see this show, then I found an article on XXL about the event so I figured I should check it out. After getting in the little Apache Cafe, I noticed 9th sitting on stage with his HP nodding his head to an Ipod while the DJs provided our music. After the 1st round of the producer battles and an MC battle it was time for 9th.

9th went through the records he sampled for some of the tracks on The Listening, playing out the originals and what not which was cool. May favorite LB track of all time is "The Listening" (Did you see that niggas aluminum shoe laces!), and I never heard the original sample from it so that gave me chills. He went into how he got together with Jay-Z and Destiny's Child, and went on to say that "the beat that you spend an hour on, choppin it up and what not, isn't gonna be "the one", it's always gonna be the one you knock out in 20".

Some of my favorite beats from 9th are the ones he has done for LA rapper Murs. 9th said that when he and Murs hooked up he told Murs that "we gon do some nigga shit bruh" 9th said he respected what Murs did with his group with Living Legends, but he doesn't make that type of music.

The best part of night was when the interviewer, Dres tha Beatnik, asked 9th what is that one beat you've made knowing that you weren't gonna be able to get it cleared. 9th said he flipped "Billy Jean" by MJ while cycling through his Ipod and dropped the beat....WOW. You wouldn't of even guessed that "Billy Jean" was the sample, but the beat was amazing so much that I don't even remember what it sounds like. 9th said that the only way he could get that cleared was if someone like Usher got on it knowing that they where gonna get all the money back through album sales.

Some other notes from the interview,

2 words to describe your music: Black Music
Favorite artist right now: Mary J
Favorite artist of the all time: New Edition

The interview could of been better, no questions about the future with LB and I wish that 9th would of talked more about himself and not just the music. Should be on a youtube channel near you soon.



Blogger thehaytidream said...

Interesting... I don't think I've ever heard that "Billie Jean" sampled track, but I know he did sample MJ's "Rock With You" for a track called "Drop To It" by a group called Thyrday... now broken up, but the production on that track was bananas, but again, it'll never see the light of day considering who he sampled.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous honorablemedia said...

*gasp* i need a youtube link ASAP

2:20 PM  
Blogger thehaytidream said...

What IS the sample for "The Listening"... I went back and listened hard as hell for some kind of hint, but could come up with nothin!

2:25 PM  
Blogger DRES said...

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9:53 PM  
Blogger DRES said...

I want to say thank you for the Review of the Event. It took a lot of hustle and hard work to put that together and I honestly didn't know how it was gonna turn out. There were a lot of questions that I had that even I wanted to find answers to and I was the One asking the Questions. I couldn't disrespect My Guest and had to abide by His wishes or the Event wasn't gonna take place at all and we wouldn't have an event to review. We couldn't discuss the LITTLE BROTHER Situation which was cool cause I think that it's over done personally, the event is situated around the Producer's Body of Work, not the tabloid-like gossip around the Personality and we only had an Hour. I appreciate You DiBiase for giving an Honest account of the Event by giving it Straight with No Chasser. As far as, providing a way to broadcasting the Segment, we're still exploring a whole lot of options... STAY TUNED. However You can watch the PROMO VIDEO witch contains some footage from the BEHIND THE BOARDS featuring 9th Wonder @ STAY TUNED!!! Also the Next installment of the BEHIND THE BOARDS Series will be taking place very soon!!

9:54 PM  

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