Tuesday, November 06, 2007

American Gangster & Roc Boys Video

Eskay said this album was more soulful than The Blueprint and I really just looked it over and credited it to the hype. I was mistaken. This album, to me, is Jay's second best album he's put out. I don't know if it's because Jay watched a movie (which definitely ain't no Goodfellas or Carlito's Way), because he got tired of young boys talkin greasy, or because he realized he can still murder 99% of the game on wax... but dammit, if this shit ain't amazing.

American Gangster - Jay-Z
1. Intro - Chris Flames, Idris Elba
2. Pray - Diddy & The Hitmen
3. American Dreamin' - Diddy & The Hitmen
4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 feat. Lil Wayne - Bigg D
5. No Hook - Diddy & The Hitmen
6. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)... - Diddy & The Hitmen
7. Sweet - Diddy & The Hitmen
8. I Know - The Neptunes
9. Party Life - Diddy & The Hitmen
10. Ignorant Shit, feat. Beanie Sigel - Just Blaze
11. Say Hello - DJ Toomp
12. Success feat. Nas - No I.D.
13. Fallin' - Jermaine Dupri
14. Blue Magic - The Neptunes
15. American Gangster - Just Blaze


The production by Diddy and The Hitmen on this album is amazing, and really, it is his most soulful album and doesn't contain one single Kanye track. Amazing.

Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)... - Jay-Z
Crazy video... "Young Hov" put down a young Jay-Z's swag perfectly.


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