Sunday, January 13, 2008

Meet E. Jones

I first heard about E. Jones a few years back when he started doing some big things with Little Brother and the Hall of Justus. It's tough to describe his style because it ranges from tracks "loopin up soul" to straight Southern club bangers like his latest single, "Mr. Magnificent". I learned a little more about him talkin to Phil and Jamie and started going through his catalog which includes tracks on Darien Brockington's Somebody To Love, The Hall of Justus' Soldiers Of Fortune and Talib Kweli's Eardrum. Check out his work on "Mr. Magnificent" by new rapper, Small World, who hails from Raleigh (which I will never refer to as "Ruff"). With Ludacris on the hook the track has been beatin up the radio over the last few weeks.

Mr. Magnificent (prod. by E. Jones) - Small World feat. Ludacris

If you from the Durham-Raleigh-Chapel Hill area, you probably recognize all the women in this video... BINGO!

Also check out E. Jones on Episode 5 of Cooking With Phil.

Episode 5 feat. E. Jones - Cooking With Phil


Blogger thehaytidream said...

Even though I'm partial to the salmon I cooked when I was the guest on the show, this is probably the best one yet.

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