Monday, April 14, 2008

B-Ball Tryouts - 9th Wonder, M1-Platoon, Rapsody, Young Swift & Others

9th Wonder, as most of y'all know, teaches a course in NCCU's Hip Hop Initiative and was blessed by a full Pro-Tools studio that is on campus in Durham. Out of that studio has been birthed M1-Platoon, a 5 man group of 19 year-olds from Washington D.C., who are all students at Central, Kooley High and Young Swift, a 17 year old from Durham, who's in a pre-college program at Central. 9th pulled out an old track he made while all were in the studio, and he tells the following:
I was like "ok...ima put 7 cats on this joint...everybody can try out.....but only 7 rappers can get on the jam....."

well...everybody scrambles for pen and paper...12 cats...all writing at the same time...reciting there rhyme...practicin' the flows...all that... the control room it sat me, my assistant Alleis(Softserve) and Picasso(resident beatmaker extraordinaire....

One by one, each rapper entered the booth, and lefted the booth 2 flame in their got MORE and MORE impossible for me to CUT somebody...and at the end...I DIDN'T...

The crazy thing is...the age of these kids range from 17 to 22...with most of them being UNDER 20

so...I bring to yall B-BALL TRYOUTS...

B-Ball Tryouts - 9th Wonder & Various Artists

In order of appearance:
Guop The Great
Big Chopps (M1-Platoon)
Arafat Yates (M1-Platoon)
Young Swift
Scoopay (M1-Platoon)
Blair The Glare
C-4 Black (M1-Platoon)
Rapsody (Kooley High)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

where is the track?

12:24 PM  
Blogger thehaytidream said...

sendspace died... reposted to zshare. try it again.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this shit is amazing... the girl at the end, i guess her name is rapsody, is DOPE!!!

11:20 PM  
Anonymous teethree said...

Glad yall are diggin the track.Make sure to hit me up @

-teethree (3rd on the b-ball tryouts joint)

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^^your verse was HARD.

"you're feeling my rhymes like a cavity right?"

8:26 AM  
Anonymous donnie p said...

teethree i'm feelin your music... i liked arafat yates verse too.

10:16 AM  
Blogger T3 said...

thanks yall!!!!!!

8:55 PM  
Anonymous bull city said...

i think this is the only blog that really gives love to the state of nc like it deserves. keep up the good work.

8:12 AM  

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