Friday, May 18, 2007

Lauryn Is Back

I don't know how to judge this track because the production is so random... though it is so good to hear Lauryn's voice again. Her sound is much like her appearance on Unplugged rather than her vocals on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. I hate to hear people say, "that Lauryn is gone" because I truly think she still has it in her, but as time passes, I sort of feel like that fan that is holding on to some dream that just may never come true. It's crazy to think that The Miseducation is almost a decade old but, as shown, good music lives long.

Lose Myself - Lauryn Hill


Anonymous Lauren N said...

Lauryn Hill is my heart...In my life, no one is more influential musically than this woman, hands down. That being said, every time a new artist is compared to her, like Amy Winehouse, I find myself missing my old friend. I've been listening to Ms. Winehouse, who I happen to enjoy...but at some point found myself wondering...where is Lauryn??? Good to see her pop up on tracks such as Music w/ Joss Stone and this new track Lose Myself. Even if it's not up to 'Miseducation' caliber, it is good to see music still deep inside Lauryn. I too hold onto the dream that she will return to me in her full musical glory.

6:00 AM  
Anonymous patrick said...

lauryn hill is amazingly talented, not only musically but in spiritual insight as well

3:51 PM  

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