Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Little Brother at Cat's Cradle

Little Brother. Cat's Cradle. Last stop on the Getback Tour.

Little Brother with Evidence
Place: Cat's Cradle, 300 East Main St, Carrboro, NC
Date: December 7, 2007
Time: Doors open at 8:30 PM; Show starts at 9:30 PM
Cost: $15, Order tickets

Cooking With Phil - Episode 3

Yes, we've had a focus on "Cooking With Phil" as of late, but it's the holidays and what better to do this time of year than cook... and eat? Check ya boy out as I'm the guest on the latest as we make some bangin Atlantic salmon. Excuse the excessive drinking of wine and champagne and the dropping of the lime in the skillet. Bingo!

Atlantic Salmon - Cooking With Phil