Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Little Brother

Posted On The Yard stays true to the Bull City! "Don't You Have A Man" is a laidback neosoul type track, but I think it fits LB well. "Take On Me" is a remake of an 80's classic, and we know how Phonte love the classics!

Don't You Have A Man - Drake feat. Little Brother & Dwele

Take On Me - Phonte of Little Brother & Carlitta Durand

Thursday, March 22, 2007

More Fresh Jay-Z

I felt a little obligated to post this since I posted his freestyle a few days ago. I thought this was a joke when I first heard it, but apparently Big Homie really agreed to do a track with Mysterious of MTV's Making The Band fame. This is the first track I've heard from Jigga that sounds remotely close to the level he was at on The Black Album (sad, huh?). Some of his lines sound a lil similar to those his spit on "Threat" though... (ex. "I put the four to ya" vs. "I put the gun to ya")

Ride Tonight - Jay-Z feat. Mysterious

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Daniel Merriweather

Daniel Merriweather is another import to the U.S. Soul scene, but not from the U.K., this time it's Australia? That's what the internet will do to ya. I was listening to Mark Ronson's show on EVR and he played a remix, of a remix, he did for Daniel Merriweather called "Stop Me (if you think you've heard this one before)". So I searched and found the original remix by Ronson, who produced a lot of the Amy Winehouse junts, that has a similar feel to "You Know Im No Good" by Winehouse. Merriweather is still under the radar here so his stuff is hard to come by but look for him in the future.

Stop Me (Produced by Mark Ronson)

*On a side note American Soul/RnB acts need to get their shit together... shit American music as a whole needs to. Cats are gettin a lil too fat and taking it too easy, and when that happens people named Robin (CAN), Amy (UK), Corrinne(UK), and now Daniel do your music better than you can. Don't get me wrong I'm not mad at these new comers for making good music but it's like watching team U.S.A lose to Argentina in basketball .


Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Jay-Z Freestyle

When he speaks, we listen.

ASAP Freestyle - Jay-Z

Friday, March 16, 2007

New Kid on the Block

Melissa Young, 26, aka Kid Sister (Chicago, IL) is a newcomer to a dull female MC world. I first heard of her when Chicago was featured on MTV2's "My Block" series but she's been hot in the Chi since the summer months of 06. This is mainly due to her teaming up with her brothers DJ crew Flosstradamus.

Flosstradamus throws parties that attract people from different scenes throughout the city, from Hip-Hop heads to art school students. This isn't anything new or groundbreaking though. Major cities across the U.S. have promoters/DJ's throwing these types of parties in their city limits and abroad. Here in Atlanta it's Caleb Gauge and the Sloppy Seconds crew, in Philly the originators of the style, Hollertronix, and in NYC, Roxy Cottontail. But in Chicago it's all about Flosstradamus and they have built up their rep over the past year to take their show on wheels and have their MC, Kid Sister, gain fame of her own.

Couple of trax for you.

Let Me Bang (XXXChange Remix)

Damn Girl (Prod. by A-Trak)

Pro Nails (Prod. by A-Trak)

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wayne, Jeezy, & Ross - Represent for the South

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Weatherman LP Review

I was originally gonna do a review of Rich Boys new junt but that shit was a huge ass let down so I'm here with something 10x's betta!

I gained a whole new respect for the Dilated Peoples crew after I was able to catch them during their '06 tour with Little Brother. Evidence, Raka, and DJ Babu rocked the stage for a good hour and a half with their shirts drenched in sweat by the finale. Their where probably only 150 to 200 heads in the house that night in Buckhead but you would of thought they where performing for 1,000 people in West Hollywood. I originally wasn't gonna stay for Dilated because I wasn't really feeling their new album and I was really only there to see LB, but I'm really glad I ended up staying for the whole show. I almost forgot that Little Brother is still a young group after seeing them perform compared to the high energy performance by Dilated.

As for the album, Evidence has teamed up with ALC to release his first solo album, The Weatherman LP. The "weatherman" moniker is referring to the common misconception that it never rains in Southern California and that everyday is good because the sun is out. But it can still rain while the sun is visible, and over the past couple of years the rain has been hard for Ev with the recent passing of his mother.

I wasn't expecting this album to be so thorough, I didn't have to hit the skip button once. This is definitely the best album so far this year, without any appearances from "major" rappers or producers, besides ALC who's been on the DL the past 4 years, appearing on any of the tracks. Guest spots in front of the mic include Phonte, Defari, Planet Asia, Joe Scudda, Rapper Big Pooh, and others. Behind the boards a big surprise was a producer who I've never heard anything from, Sid Roams. When I heard his sound it reminded me of hell, with fire bursting from the ground and his cuts on the turntables are even more a good way, look out from him in the future. Evidence, who is a producer as well, is a pretty good behind the boards as well as the mic. The Alchemist steals the cake though, on "Letyourselfgo" he probably uses 2 bars from the sample and chops that shit up into an amazing beat. "Born in LA" is also a standout from the album where Al flexes his DJ skills. This album has been on repeat all day long for me so let me give ya'll a taste before the release on the 20th.

Letyourselfgo (Produced by the Alchemist) - ft. The Alchemist & Phonte

NC to CA (Produced by Evidence) - ft. Joe Scudda & Rapper Big Pooh

Believe In Me (Produced by Sid Roams) - ft. Res

Born In LA (Produced by the Alchemist) - ft. Chace Infinite & Sick Jaken

From previous post

Chase the Clouds Away (Produced by the Alchemist)

All Said and Done (Produced by DJ Khalil)

Video From the first single "Mr. Slow Flow" (Produced by Sid Roams)

- DiBiase

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

mad decent worldwide radio #13 - team mad deadly

Just a quick overview of mad decent worldwide radio-

Mad Decent is an up and coming record label from, producer/DJ, Diplo. As for the worldwide radio, Diplo issues a monthly mix of an artist(s) that he is currently feeling at the time. Past mixes feature music from places around the world such as France, Baltimore (Club), New Orleans (Bounce), Brasil (Baile Funk), the D.R., P.R., and others. So it's not your normal 9 o'clock radio mix, but Diplo doesn't leave anybody out with his mixes.

From Mad Decent

Tuesday, February 6, 2007
" here i am in darwin, the metropolis of the bush big day out is finished.. after a few mad shows and afterparties, and solo shows and trips to the bush to do some demos i’m nearly on my way home.. things i’ve seen here are completely mad... you dont want to battle team mad decent/deadly in footie- just a heads up. im gong to lay down mad decent bush workshop stuff real soon too, it ws some serious things going down in the outback.. special thanks to nina, levins, justice, busy p, bbc and paserock, evet jean , opulent and pennydrop, music NT, kids from manigrida, hot chip, and peaches.... hollaback! . in the meantime I threw down a quick live mix I did for triple j , - next episode from south africa"
- Diplo

mad decent worldwide radio #13 - team mad deadly

Track List

sizzla- mad decent intro
body rox dub
tell me when to go
aphex twin and khia
martin bros
mr catra - vem todo mundo
crookers - aguas de parco
mc duda do borel - crozy todo diplo
novinha - bejioquera crazy dub
grandmaster rafeal - old west
sabrina - smoking in jacare song
dj wally - this a tamberzao
roletronix - tira kamiza dub
bonde do role - gasolina - lgk remix
deize tigrona / roletronix - injecao
css - alala - BDR remix
fergie - fergalicious
krames - t to the a
boogie down bottle nose dolphins - the chills (hollertronix)
boogie down bottle nose dolphins - you used to.......
blaqstarr - supastarr
diplo - diplo your head
basement jaxx - i want you you (solid groove and sinden mix mash yer head up on the wall mix)
cajuan - raven
trina - told yall
portishead - glorybox
young sitar folks
heaps dead crew- smash a kangaroo


This Is Why I'm Hot??? No...

Talib's Version!

"Gotta Mac in the booth? Tell the truth it's a computer"

"Ok you say you rap, you know how I can tell you wack? (how) It's 2007 and you still selling crack!"

"Faster than it rose the crime in the city dropped, it wasn't because the mayor added 40,000 cops"
That line really hit me, NYC is the safest place in the world now. Rudy Giuliani cleaned that city up, he even stopped the Gambino's from shooting illegal fireworks during the 4th, something that they always did.

Niggas Lie A Lot


New Slim Thug

Houston is starting to come back, Mr. Jones, Paul Willican, and the B.O.S.S. are all back for Spring Training.

Problem With That

- DiBiase

Evidence- The Weatherman LP Preview

Two tracks from Evidence (Dilated Peoples) with production from DJ Khalil and ALC.

Album Drops on 3/20/07.

Chase the Clouds Away (Produced by the Alchemist)

All Said and Done (Produced by DJ Khalil)

The Weatherman tour coming to a city near you soon.

Mar 14 2007 8:00P
Mar 20 2007 12:00A
Mar 20 2007 3:00P
Mar 21 2007 5:00P
Mar 23 2007 5:00P
Mar 24 2007 3:00P
Mar 28 2007 10:00P
Mar 30 2007 8:00P
Mar 31 2007 9:00P
Apr 3 2007 8:00P
Apr 4 2007 8:00P
Apr 5 2007 8:00P

- DiBiase

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Video: Talib Kweli on Def Poetry Jam

Hell - Talib Kweli

Really feelin this peice by Talib. "Hell" shows the insight of Talib on American religion and those views fed to us by society of what is right and wrong. I got a lot of respect for Mos Def and his dedication to this program. It definitely has endured and even given its audience to see some of today's rappers at their rawest.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Tell Me When to Go Remix (Produced by Trackademicks)

Was really late on this one but I'm glad I was able to find it cause I'm really diggin it. Check out the producer of the song, Trackademicks, dude had his whole studio and vinyl collection burn in a fire in Oakland but still continues.