Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Video: Wouldn't Get Far - Game feat. Kanye West

Wouldn't Get Far - Game feat. Kanye West

Props to Nah Right

I thought all these "vixens" were supposed to be in on the joke, but some of em just get played in this video - Melyssa Ford, Hoopz, etc. Props to Gloria Velez for taking it for what its worth.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

"And Justus For All" Preview

Little Brother and DJ Mick Boogie are teaming up on a new mixtape (yes mixtape) entitled And Justus For All. It will be released Feb. 13th but good luck trying to actually buy it with the RIAA crackdown. For those of you that are able to find a copy it should be a good preview of what's to come on Little Brother's next album entitled Getback. 2 tracks to hold you down...and shout out to thehaytidream and NCCU this Saturday at the Dome.

Let It Go (BlackStar Remix) - Little Brother ft. Talib Kweli & Mos Def

The Pressure - Little Brother

Sunday, January 21, 2007

DJ Drama & Don Canon comment on RIAA raid

DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon are preparing to defend themselves against charges brought on by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) last week, after the duo's Atlanta offices were raided by a Swat Team on Jan. 16.

DJ Drama, born Tyree Simmons and DJ Don Cannon are the owners of Aphilliates LLC, the company that created and produces the popular Gangsta Grillz mixtape series, which has featured top artists like Sean "Diddy" Combs, T.I., Young Jeezy, Jim Jones and others.

Aphilliates offices were raided by a 30-member Swat Team from Fulton County at the behest of the RIAA. Police seized over 50,000 CDs, as well as computers, recording equipment and cars, that will be used as evidence in the event of a trial.

Officials charged DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon with racketeering. The pair posted $100,000 bail and were released from prison on Jan. 17.

DJ Drama, 28, has hired prominent Atlanta defense attorney Ed Garland, of Garland, Samuel and Loeb Trial Attorneys.

"This is an attempt by the government to paint an image of those involved in Hip-Hop as criminals," DJ Drama told in a statement. "Don Cannon and I are being negatively depicted despite the fact we are legitimate businessman, highly involved in the community and college graduates that have never been arrested. We are being accused of damaging the music industry, when in fact, we are hired by record labels to help develop and elevate the careers of their artists by previewing unreleased material to the masses."

Don Cannon, 27, has retained the services of Janice Singer and Don Samuel of Thompson and Singer, P.A.

Cannon said the arrests came as a shock because of the relationships the pair have cultivated with the major labels, to help promote and break new artists over the years, via the Gangsta Grillz mixtape series as well as other endeavors.

"Our track record for success has made us some of the most sought after music producers and DJ's in Hip-Hop," DJ Don Cannon said. "We are looking forward to being exonerated of all charges and continuing to build our brand."

The raids are part of the RIAA's increased efforts to coordinate its online and physical goods piracy operation.

The organization has been identifying pre-released tracks and albums that are available on the Internet and peer-to-peer networks.

The titles are then placed on heightened alert for RIAA street piracy investigators nationwide.

DJ Drama's attorney Ed Garland has handled high profile cases for NFL stars Ray Lewis and Jamal Lewis.

He disputes the RIAA's claims that his client was selling pirated CD's.

"The charges against Tyree Simmons are false and we are confident this case will be quickly dismissed once everyone has a clear understanding of his business," Garland said.


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

DJ Drama & DJ Don Cannon Arrested For "Bootlegging"

From sohh

"DJ Drama and DJ Don Cannon were arrested on Tuesday night (January 16) after police raided their office.

Both 28 year-old DJ Drama (born Tyree Simmons) and 27 year-old DJ Cannon (born Donald Cannon) were arrested in a raid on the Gangsta Grillz office in downtown Atlanta last night and charged with the making and selling of illegal CD's. According to Fox 5 Atlanta, the arrests follow an investigation by the RIAA of Drama's "Gangsta Grillz" operation, which include the distribution of his signature mixtape series of the same name.

The Fulton County Sheriff's Department S.W.A.T. team along with metro law enforcement raided the office and recording studio on 147 Walker Street in Atlanta and arrested 17 people including both Drama and Cannon. Authorities reportedly seized at least 50,000 CD's from the location, which will first be put into evidence before being destroyed. Authorities also confiscated recording equipment, bank statements, cash and even vehicles.

The self-proclaimed "iPod King" recently cleaned up at Justo's 10th Annual Mixtape Awards, taking home four trophies including "Mixtape DJ of the Year." Drama, who is also known as the official DJ for T.I's Grand Hustle imprint, is currently working on an official "Gangsta Grillz" album due out on Grand Hustle/Atlantic. Last year Drama also signed a partnership deal with Asylum records for his Aphilliates Music Group.

Amanda Who?

Amanda Blank, 23, is unlike any female rapper in the game today . From her lyrics about how her pussy taste to her unique style, she is an alternative to the swagger jacker's of todays rap game. So where was this chick created?.... Philadelphia

In major cities across the states, especailly NYC and Philly, and even here in Atlanta, there is an underground movement of "rap hipsters", that are starting there own style of hip-hop. It's not about the death of hip-hop or going dumb, it's more about just having a good ass time. Is there anything wrong with that? Well some people think there is....
"They're too gimmicky"
"They are just white kids who are scared to go into black clubs"
"They like rap cause it's trendy in the city"
(If you want local opinions from folks in Philly read this thread from

Personally, I respect them for doing what they want to do. Today people are putting too many rules on what's "cool" and what's not. 5 years ago if someone wore a purple and pink BAPE hoodie people would be really confused, but now Weezy and the Clipse rock em, they are the shit? but thats just how it works.
(Here are some flix of what's going down in Atlanta courtesy of TMS, previous pics courtesy of Oxy Cottontail)

But back to the subject, when I first heard Amanda over the summer, on the song "Blow", I was blown away. She was like the female Twista but you could actually understand what she saying. But as for gaining as much fame as Twista, that's where some doubts come up. Don't forget, this is strictly CLUB music (Baltimore, Ghettotech, Party Rap), and with the current target rap audience being middle schoolers you won't catch "Put That Pussy on Me" on the radio anytime soon, but the thing is mainstream attention isn't the goal here.

I've only heard Amanda on a hand-full of tra
cks, and none of them have been solo's. She's usually tag teaming with Spank Rock, who I really don't care for, but I'm hoping to hear some solo stuff from her by the summer. Until then I have 3 tracks that you should check out that feature Ms. Blank.

Blow- Spank Rock ft. Amanda Blank

Bump- Spank Rock ft. Amanda Blank

Crambodia- Plastic Little ft. Spank Rock, Amanda Blank, & Ghostface

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Weezy is keeping his crown

After his most prolific year to date, Lil Wayne is ready for 2007 and this is clear by the recent stuff which has been dropping on mixtapes and the internet. He was named "Lyricist of the Year" by MTV's Mixtape Monday and for good reason. Who had more material in one year than Weezy? Who dropped a mixtape (shit, an album) hotter than Dedication 2? And though it was dropped in November of 2005, Tha Carter II was all over 2006. And despite his comments on Jay, Wayne has relationships with two of the hottest R&B artists in Lloyd and Chris Brown and one of the hottest rap artists other than he, in Juelz Santana. You can pretty much expect Wayne to be at the forefront of hip-hop throughout the next year.

Poppin (Remix) - Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana
Now who would have thought this dude Chris Brown, with the first single of "Run It" would still have a hold on the R&B game? This dude is FOR REAL. "Poppin" was already one of my favorite singles out, but having a remix with Wayne and Juelz just made it even better. The track sounds a lil patched up, but the verses of Wayne and Juelz are definitely fresh.

Run (Part 2) - Ghostface Killah feat. Raekwon & Lil Wayne
Weezy is the perfect compliment to these two Wu-Tang legends. The song is fire, the production is sick and when I got this track a few weeks back I was stunned to see these artists on the same song, but it works well.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Back like I left somethin'

Gotta apologize for the long break. Definitely had a good vacation and got some much needed sleep. Hope everybody's been checking Honorable Media because they have definitely been steppin their game up in not just covering music, but hip hop culture period. But we back. I'd like to say props to DiBiase who definitely was up on his game when he featured Amy Winehouse weeks back, who is now on the SOHH Soulful Top 5. Can't say we didn't tell ya.

I'm gonna be in Greensboro to celebrate my boy's birthday, but here is your party fix. Please don't end up sittin at home and hearin about these parties on Tuesday. That's definitely not good business.

Chapel Hill

1st Big Party In 07, hosted by Kappa Alpha Psi (UNC)
10 PM-2:30 AM
Visionz Night Club at 136 E. Rosemary Street


The New College Night, hosted by Omega Psi Phi (NCCU)
10 PM-3 AM
The Varsity Ale House at 3019 Auto Drive


High Maintenance, hosted by NxLevel
10 PM-3 AM
Jabs Ultra Bar on Lee Street


Friday Night Live-Back To School Party and Rich Boy Concert, hosted by Show Stoppaz
10 PM-3 AM
Club Xscape at 7112 Sandy Forks Road


Bring It Back, hosted by Phi Beta Sigma (Duke)
10 PM-2 AM
Great Hall on the campus of Duke University (next to Chapel)