Friday, October 27, 2006

New Jay-Z: "Lost Ones"

So I got this song about two days ago (good look Beauty) and I must say, it's given me hope for Kingdom Come. After Hov dropped "Show Me What You Got" I thought we might just be seeing The Blueprint 2 all over again - commercial tracks with a lack of lyrical substance. Then I heard "Lost Ones". Iceberg Slim is talkin his split with Dame, his work relationship with Beyoncé, and the death of his nephew. I actually felt like the second track which leaked, "Kingdom Come," was solid as well, so right about now I'm gettin excited about this Jay album. All I can say is... it's about damn time.

Lost Ones - Jay-Z

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I'm Back... Groovin'

It's been a minute, but you'll have to excuse me. The combination of midterms and A&T's homecoming has taken all my time these last 2 weeks. Speaking of A&T's homecoming... CRAZY. My boy Yusuf from Hampton came down and got us into the Kappa party at Greene Street on Friday night. Definitely didn't disappoint. Saturday my boy AK had the realest house party you will ever see. Must have been about 200 people out there, including Phonte of Little Brother and Keyshia Cole, who showed up at about 3:15 AM. Phonte was all in the party, chillin wit everybody, which was real refreshing to see. How all the people heard about it still has me confused, but I don't think I will see another one like it.

This post is going to take an R&B feel because I'm really feelin some recent work by Beyoncé, Brandy and Ciara.

Irreplaceable (Remix) - Beyoncé

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The word is, this is the official remix. I actually like this mix better than the original and it's going to be interesting to see if she makes a video for this as well (i.e. "Bootylicious (Remix)"). This is the second remix of a B'Day single without any guest spots; "Ring The Alarm" being the other. I was never a fan of this album, especially her choice for first single, but there are a few hot spots. I'm glad she's gotten the hint on "Upgrade U" and is giving it radio play.

Follow Me - Brandy

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Really feelin this song. I was talkin to heiressapparent and she and I both agreed it has a old school Janet feel to it. This is supposedly her new single off her album coming soon. If the rest of the album is anything like this, I definitely wanna cop it.

Promise - Ciara

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The title of her new album is Evolution and this track is definitely showing some maturity. Chill-mode track with nice vocals by Ms. 1-2-Step herself.

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Get it poppin' (Oct 5-8)

It's been a hectic two weeks for ya boy, and this one isn't gonna be any easier. Big game tonight for NC State, who takes on Florida State on ESPN. Look for the NCCU Marching Sound Machine at the game, as they will be filling in for FSU's band for the night. It should be an interesting look to see Marching Sound Machine show the NC State fans what a real halftime show looks like. This weekend is WSSU's homecoming, and though it is just outside our relative area, it will definitely be worth the drive this weekend.

If you like HBCU marching bands, you definitely will want to make the drive down to SC State to check out Battlefest South. This will be the largest collection of bands until the Honda Battle of the Bands in January. Look out for SC State, NC A&T, Norfolk State, Virginia State and of course the Marching Sound Machine of NCCU.

And... your events:

Thirsty Thursday's Mardi Gras Explosion, hosted by NB Productions
10 PM
The Atlantis Cafe on 3035 Highpoint Rd.


Friday Night Live: College 1st Fridays, hosted by Show Stoppaz
9 PM
Club Xscape at 7112 Sandy Forks Rd.

The Homecoming 1, 2, 3 Joint, hosted by Kappa Alpha Psi
10 PM
Metal Rebel at 2105 Peters Creek Parkway

Orangeburg, SC
Battlefest South
4 PM
Campus of South Carolina State University

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