Sunday, March 23, 2008

AC3 Hip-Hop Festival: Day Two & Three

Wow, I have a lot to say about the rest of the fest. and it isn't necessarily all good.


A day after the poor turnout for Jeru, Wale, and LB, I thought to myself "Last night was slow cause it was Thursday, people gotta get off work or get up early for work..., Friday it will be on!" On Friday local indie (non-backpack) acts did a "fashion forward" event featuring performances from Gripplyaz, Hollyweerd, B.o.B, and Proton with a runway filled with naked, painted chicks, wearing nothing but kicks to keep everyones attention. All of the acts are still up and coming so I wasn't really expecting any amazing sets but the different clothes, synthesizers, and unknown songs made for an overall boring scene for the crowd. Aside from B.o.B, I've been associated with these acts through DJing and have seen them all kill it in clubs with like minded kids, but they just weren't felt by the backpackers.






After some networking and waiting around for the Juice Crew, I found out the Big Daddy Kane was a no show. I really wanted to see Kane like everyone else so I wasn't really in a mood to stick around, but I caught the first 10 or so mins with Marley Marl, but the shit just wasn't the same without everyone there so I called it a night.


The Clipse

I showed up late this night becuase all I wanted to see was The Clipse/Re-Up and Three 6 Mafia.
After a couple of the opening acts I slid backstage, I started seeing the entourage's and then I saw Pusha T who gave me props on my new Bobby Fresh shirt. I'm no man fan but that put a lil pep in my step for the rest of the night. Also Ab-Liva is one of the tallest non b-ballers I've seen, 6'8 maybe??? The Clipse did their thing I really enjoyed their show, but I give props to Pusha who just had mad energy for a light crowd, so I really appreciated that. Three 6 ended up canceling, surprise surprise, but it was 2 am when the Clipse where warping things up and I still hadn't hit Amanda Diva's afterparty, so I got ghost!

I was very disappointed with the festival this year, I know they received a lot of money from sponsors, but I think they did a poor job booking the right artist for the rap nerd crowd. They didn't need Wale, Three 6, or even the Juice Crew. Evidence would of been a much better look than Wale. Murs would of been a much better look than Three 6. And a Goodie Mob reunion would of been a much better look (and easier) than the Juice Crew. Shit Joe Scudda was talking to fans all of Friday night, he should of been booked to do some of his solo music on stage.
A3c is still a very young festival, I think this was year 4 or 5, and still needs time to grow into a festival that the city looks forward to hosting and attending year after year, rather than a whole bunch of unrelated artist crammed into three days. It wasn't all bad, I met a lot of people, rubbed shoulders with some great artist, and saw LB!!! which was the best time I've had at a concert in a while, but A3C you need to be a total package, right now your like "a girl with a pretty face and no back" (c) ALC


Friday, March 21, 2008

AC3 Hip-Hop Festival: Day One

Day one is in the books! This is gonna be pretty quick cause I got to get to work. Was really a great night, I was able to get backstage with my boys DJ Singh, DJ Wreckineyez and the MC of night Kaos, and watched the first performer of night...Waleeee!!! It was pretty sad because people where still filing in and out so maybe only 150 people saw him perform with a live go-go band. The band was on point, but they didn't hit with the crowd, which was mostly white kids between 16 and 21. I felt like Rosenberg at that GZA concert (see Juan Eps). During Wale's show he went in and out of his songs and Go-Go classics that the crowd didn't know. I enjoyed it but a lot of people where confused. I missed Jeru's performance, had a little networking to do, but I did met a really cool dude, Supastition, whos performing Friday night with my boy Wreck on the turntables.

While I was backstage after Jeru's set, I saw a pack of big dude's and Joe Scudda roll in by me so I knew it was about to be on! Phonte seemed to be a little under the weather when he passed but you would of never of guessed it with his performance. I went out into the crowd to catch LB for the first time since '06. I had the best time watching them do their thing, they are indeed the best rap group I've seen live. From DJ Flash in the back switchin it up to D-Brock doing double duties as singer/hype man. It was great seeing all of the Getback material live. When"That Ain't Love" came on IT WAS A WRAP FOR ME!!!!

Stay tuned for Day 2 tommorrow...Juice Crew, B.O.B, Hollyweerd and more!!!

*My camera died, of course, but I'll have pics and vids for the next two days


Thursday, March 20, 2008

A3C Hip Hop Festival feat. Little Brother & Wale

If you're in Atlanta, be there tonight.

Video: Dunn Dunn/Foolish - Shawty Lo

"They call me dunn dunn, dunn dunn it all!!!!"

These two tracks have been on blast for a min. down here. The rest of the nation is still jamming to "They Know" in the club but down here these tracks have been killing it! Shout out to DJ Scream, who's in the vid, who gave me the untagged version of this song months ago. I know this isn't the most thought provoking song in the world but as a DJ I can appreciate a homegrown track like this that's at the moment is the biggest track on the radio but exclusive to the Atlanta area.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Video: Duke Fan Stan - Peter Rosenberg

Duke Fan Stan (This Is Why Duke Sucks Pt. 2) - Peter Rosenberg

PR told me he'd be making a second "This Is Why Duke Sucks" video about two weeks ago and just in time for the NCAA tournament, he delivers. This video is HILARIOUS... including the line about Nolan Smith. HA! I'd also like to take a little credit (probably unwarranted) for making sure he included the Danny Green dunk over Paulus. I told him to make sure that was in there and he agreed 100%. Tar Heel Nation thanks you , Peter Rosenberg.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Video: Go All Out - Buckshot & 9th Wonder

Go All Out - Buckshot feat. 9th Wonder

The first video from Buckshot and 9th Wonder’s second collabo album, The Formula, due in stores April 15th on Duck Down Records. Track also features Posted On The Yard favorite, Carlitta Durand. Directed by Dru Ha and Rik Cordero.
“You need to cut that pony tail off too, you’re looking effeminate.”

Forgive my absence, I was busy spring breakin' all over the east coast.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Mix: DiBiase - Spring Training '08

I'm gonna start posting mixes that I do in the future on here, so with Spring approaching here's a mix to start off the warm months. I put a lot of new tracks on here as you can see form my amazing cover art. Swizz Beats, tracks form Shawty "King of the A" Lo's new album, local acts B.O.B. and Diamond from Crime Mob. West Coast vibes from Turf Talk and Dat Nigga Daz, and news tracks from Ms. Badu's new album.

Click the pic for the mix or click HERE


Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Video: 75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction)

75 Bars (Black's Reconstruction) - The Roots
Already one of my favorite Roots songs. Directed by Rik Cordero.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Rosenberg Goodness

PR is comin harder and harder... checkout Juan Epstein 10 as well as his interview and track (yes, track) with the Re-Up Gang. Juan Epstein is hilarious as they discuss instrumentals and beats for the DJ's and rap heads. Look out DiBiase!

Juan Epstein 10 - Peter Rosenberg & Cipha Sounds

The interview with the Clipse gives you a lil insight on the life in Virginia's "Seven Cities" as well as their hip-hop influences. They cover the election, their love for DC's go-go scene, the Redskins and wrestling. Pusha's verse on the track is somethin vicious.

Hot 97's Real Late with Peter Rosenberg (Feb 29)
Download: Re-Up Gang Interview

You Ain’t a Killer 08 - Peter Rosenberg feat. The Re-Up Gang